Saturday, December 24, 2016

A little background

I love to crochet.  I've been working on it diligently for a decade.  I was able to get a lot of free patterns over the years.  I would like to return the favor by posting some of my own crochet patterns for free.  I've designed a few items over the last couple of years.  Things I'll be getting posted on here in the near future include the Alien face hugger amigurumi,  a wicked spider web shawl,  and a goddess doll soft toy/ amigurumi for my pagan friends. 
I've written these patterns down,  in addition to the the tea light cozy pattern I published on here a couple of years ago.
I'd also like to network with other hookers. 
I often look at other crochet work to get inspiration.  If I have used someone else's work for inspiration,  I will make a note if it.  We all get stuck sometimes,  so if I use a tutorial or you tube video,  I will link to that as well. 
I prefer written patterns and am only recently getting into charts.  I may incorporate charts too as this evolves.  I'm looking forward to putting my stuff out there!!  Enjoy.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The first pattern

Tea Light Cozy Pattern

Yarn ~ I used I Love This Cotton
I hook ~ Any size you'd like or works for you.
Glass jar ~ I reused a pickle jar for the brown one, and an 18 oz jar candle for the sage green one.
Tea light ~ I used a regular tea light, but an electric one works. Some expressed concern about a fire hazard. I haven't had any issues, but who knows. I haven't tried the actual jar candle as of yet, so I don't know if it's more of an issue, or if its even too heavy for this design.  I have included an alternate ending for just a candle cozy, without straps, if you don't want to hang it. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
There's a lot of freedom here to customize. Use this as a jumping off point and get creative. I love the idea of reusing old jars and scrap yarn or thread, hemp, etc. to make something simple and beautiful. This my first attempt at writing a pattern for other people to try. Feedback is nice. Please be kind.

Stitches used. Double crochet (DC), single crochet (SC), slip stitch (SLST), chain (CH), Shell ( 2 DC, CH1, 2DC) and triple crochet three together (TRC3TOG). In this pattern I skipped a SC in between the individual TRC in my TRC3TOG to spread out the hanging weight and to make it appear a bit more lacy.

Ch 2 at beginning is counted throughout this pattern.

Ch 4. Sl St in 4th chain to make a ring.
Row 1: Ch 2 DC 10 times inside ring. Join with Sl St in top of last chain of  BEG chain 2  (11DC)

Row 2 : CH2, DC 2 in each of the next 10 DC. Join with a SL ST in the top of BEG CH2. (21 DC)

Row 3:CH2, DC in the same ST, 1 DC in the next DC, 2 DC in the next,  DC in the next DC, around. Join with a SL ST in the top of BEG CH 2. (30 DC)

*** NOTE***I moved onto Row 5 from here for the pickle jar, but did Row 4  for the Yankee type jar candle. You may have to adjust the round size to fit your jar. There's a lot of stretch though depending what type of yarn you use. Just end on a multiple of 5 and the shell portion should work out evenly once you start the body. ***

Row 4: Ch2, DC in same ST as CH. DC in next st, DC in next st, 2DC in next st,Dc in the next ST, DC in th next ST, 2DC, repeat around. Join with SL ST in top of BEG CH2. (40 DC)

Row 5: Ch2 (counts as first DC of first SHELL here and throughout) DC in same ST, CH 1, 2 DC in same stich, SKIP 4 DC , 2 DC, CH1, 2 DC in next ST (SHELL), Skip 4 DC, SHELL, SKIP 4 DC, Shell, repeat around. Join with a sl st in the top chain of BEG ch2. SL ST in the next DC, SL ST in the next CH1 Space.

Row 6: Ch2, DC, ch1, 2 DC in same stitch, Skip 4 DC, SHELL, Repeat around.

Repeat 6 rows of shell pattern or to height of your jar. In your last row, join with a SLST as above then ch1, sc in same st.

Row 12: Sc evenly around ( 40 sc)

At this point you can end it, fasten off and weave in ends. You caould also do a border of some type like on a blanket.

If you want handles for hanging, continue as follows:

Ch 4 (counts as first TRC), skip next sc, TRC3TOG, Leaving a SC between the TRC, Chain 80, Attach on evenly opposite side ( sc 38 of row 12 if you're counting) with TRC3TOG. SLST down the side of last TRC(3xfits well) the slst in same st as last TRC. SL st next 5 sc, CH4, (counts as first TRC), TRC3TOG, Chain 80, attach on opposite side with TRC3TOG. Weave off ends. I left a long tail and wove in more than usual to make sure it was secure for hanging. Insert jar. Put in tea light, light it up, Viola. Garden ambiance.

Thanks for checking out my pattern. I'm certain its not perfect, as its my first go and I'm extremely rushed at the moment, but I will be back with corrections.
First Corrections made 8/22/14. Mostly typos

Happy hooking!


Alien face hugger pattern!